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IT Automation

What is IT automation? IT automation, sometimes referred to as infrastructure automation, is the use of software to create repeatable instructions and processes to replace or reduce human interaction with IT systems. Automation is key to IT optimization and digital transformation.

In enterprise IT shops, automation has become more than a trend It has turned into a necessity. That’s due to the current mix of technologies in use, the speed at which IT must run, and talent concerns.

The speed at which organizations now work, and the concurrent rise of the DevOps way of working, also fuel the need for automation. DevOps requires paying down technical debt, such as time-sucking manual patches, so people can focus on more important problems.

“The result of automation is scalability – less effort per person to maintain and grow your IT environment, Automation reduces your manpower requirements and provides the flexibility required for continued IT evolution.

Business reports are valuable and essential tools for any enterprise regardless of size or industry. They provide a means to track and analyse the performance and overall health of the business while identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.

Some business reporting is necessary as part of a regulatory requirement. For example, financial reports are a legal necessity for all businesses as determined by the Government of the country in which the business is based. Regular business reporting and monitoring are also necessary for many organisations to keep senior management, board members and other stakeholders advised on what is happening within the organisation.